Tunturisuunnistus 6.-7.8.2011 Vuontispirtillä


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Finnish Fellorienteering at Vuontispirtti 6.-7.8.2011


Pairclasses: H21A, B, C, D21A, C, mixed pairclasses: HDA, B, C, maximum age of pair together -classes: H32, 38, D32, 38, minimum age of pair together -classes: H80, 95, 110, 125, 140, D80, 95, 110, 125

Individual classes: HA, HB, DA, DB

Fitness class: You can participate individual or in pairs.

In mixed pairclasses (HDA, B ja C) agecompensation 1 min/year, when age together is over 70 years. When entry to these classes remember to tell the birth years of both competitors.


Ultralong distances (1,5 – 2 x long distance)

Entry fees

At the same time as entry to Pellon Ponsi's orienteeringdepartments account:
IBAN: FI83 1171 3000 110010, BIC: NDEAFIHH

If possible, use your clubs index numbers when pay the entries.

Pairclasses: 60 €/pair
Individual classes: 36 €/person
Fitness class: 26 €/person

One day fee half of the previous.


Until Thursday 28.7.2011 24:00 primary using the entryservice at the organiser's webpage or by piece of mail to address Risto Kivinen, Karjaskyläntie 87, 24100 Salo. When entry remember to mention partcipants Emit-card numbers. If you do not mention one we rent the rentcard, which you can get from the Info at prize 5 €. In mixed pairclasses (HDA, B ja C) remember to tell the birth years of both competitors.

For Fitness class you can entry also at competition centre, but pre-entry is recommend.


With 1,5-repeated entryfees until Tuesday 2.8.2011 klo 24:00 by email to risto.kivinen(at)resultfellows.com. Except Fitness class you can entry at competition centre with normalfee.


Emit-punching system, in pair classes both competitors have to use individual Emit-cards.

Competition centre and guidance

Guidance from road 79 at Särkijärvi (11 km from Muonio), whereby 40 km to the event centre. Event centre address is Vuontispirtintie 267, 99340 Raattama. Coordinates: 68.15410752, 24.11995691.


Roadside parking max. 1 km from the event centre.


Saturday mass start at 14:00. Distance to start max. 2,5 km.
Sunday pursuit starting at 10:00. Distance to start max. 1 km.
Fitnessorienteering: Saturday mass start at 14:00, Sunday start between 10:45-12:00.


Fellorienteeringmap 7/2011, contours 10 m, scale 1:25 000


Fellterrain with good runability, big differences in altitude. Open fields about 40 % of map coverage.


Prizes will be dealt by summary of both days results (overall). Lotteryprizes at fitnessclass.

Event center

Hotel Vuontispirtti


Indoor at the event centre.

Muksula (Children's day care)

At the event centre, steads must be booked forehand from announcers by date 2.8.2011.


See alternatives from the webpage.


Event chief Pekka Autto (040-5226679)
Course setter Arto Vilppola (040-8684980)
EA Jorma Pietiläinen LänRa (0400-391419)
Announcers Markku Taivainen (markku.taivainen@pp.inet.fi, 040-5778911) and Antti Ekonoja (antti@ekonoja.net, 040-7656603)

Event webpage



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